Teaching Our Youth

"Stronger Teams Meeting Students' Needs"
Karen Wagnon, Founder

Since 1992, Karen Wagnon has spoken to thousands of parents and educators sharing information and strategies on working with children and each other. She is the mother of 3 wonderful and challenging children, and a devoted wife to a loving, yet challenging husband as well. Karen's passion and drive is to empower and equip educators and parents with the tools to improve communication, increase productivity, reduce stress and conflict with our children and each other.

As a Certified Human Behavior Specialist and author, Karen's energetic presentations, seminars and workshops will assist individuals in understanding their own behavior traits as well as those of others. Karen's goal is to build more effective teams within their organizations and improve relationships in their professional and personal life.
Mark Wagnon  Co-Founder 

Mark Wagnon brings experience and know how to Personal, Executive and Corporate coaching. His business background includes ownership, senior level management, program marketing, sales training, product development and team building. He has successfully owned and managed customer-based retail businesses for 19 years. As a corporate and personal coach, Mark helps others to develop their vision into plans and strategies to achieve their goals. These consulting and coaching services increase productivity and balance in life.

After completing Certification and Advanced studies in Human Behavior Study courses with Dr. Robert A. Rohm and Personality Insights, Mark assisted in training, product, and marketing development as a staff member of The Personality Insights Professional Consulting Group. Mark provides workshops and seminars that are interactive, informative and fun.

Mark's commitment is to effectively communicate management and leadership techniques using personality and coaching resources.

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