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We have had the privilege to present to thousands of leaders, administrators, educators, and parents throughout the mid-west. Here are just a few of their comments. We can only provide a few and, of course, we chose some of the best! We look forward to working with you and your team.
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Cornerstone Academy, Columbus,Ohio
  • This was an awesome session! I learned more about myself and what I can do to be a more effective teacher! Thank You!  Tiffany Baccus
  • I've had Love and Logic classes 3 times in 4 years at fiferent schools. You were the best at explaining! Shannon Fowers
  • Loved it! Lots of useful information, all applicable to the classroom. Andrea Kavalieros
  • Amazing!! Learned so much. Stacey Morrison
  • Very informative, made me laugh, loved your enthusiasm and stories. Heather Hederson

Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art at Beckham Academy, Detroit, MI
  • Excellent as always,this team needs you! Rita Davis, Principal
  • Awesome Job! The more I participate in the workshops, the better I become. Margaret Idum

Bailey Lake, Clarkston, Michigan
  • Great insight into our need to adapt as parents, not force kids to act and perform our way.  Jennifer Stewart
  • Awesome presentation! Fun learning experience. Tom Castle
  • Amazing - need more Smile

South Canton Scholars, Canton, MI
  • Fantastic! I loved how clear the information was! I also loved the personal examples! Thank You!   Ashley Brooks
  • Really great information - makes me think twice about my little ones. Thank you! Chelsea Bustraan

Other Comments:

  • I conducted an evaluation of all workshops provided during Professional Development. Teaching Our Youth received exceptional comments, everyone wants you back!!!"               Demetria Wesley of Conner Creek Academy,  Imagine Schools
  • "Great Presentation! You two are very real. Thanks for the stories about your children. It makes it real."   Principal
  • "The staff really enjoyed your program." Asst. Principal

  • "Thank you so much for helping our team to understand one another."  Principal
  • "Awesome! Promotes Whole-Child learning."
  • "Wonderfully applicable! Everyone can relate & find something useful!"
  • "Very helpful and thorough. Great tools provided for understanding my students."

  • "Very Informative! Very Passionate! Very Inspiring!"
  • "Thank you for helping me fall out of the box."
  • "Three hours passed quickly. Enjoyed the fast pace."
  • "I learned how to look at my students differently and this presentation gave me greater insight and understanding of my students and also my own children."
  • "Clear, definitive presentation. Just the perfect amount of information needed to meet the challenges and work more effectively with our teams and more importantly---The children."

  •              Warren R, American Quality Schools
  • "This is the best opening workshop I have been to in 3 years. I hope you come back for a follow-up workshop on classroom management." 

  • "This was our best professional development meeting in the the 5 years I've been at AQS"
  • "Great Job! You gave us exactly what we were looking for. Thanks so much."     Virginia K, American Quality Schools
  • "Excellent, helpful and fun. Great tool to strengthen teaching strategies."                                       Principal, 21st Century Charter Schools
  • "I am glad to have participated in your program. I feel that I will not only be better able to understand and meet the individual needs of my students, but my family as well. Thank you! Thank you!"   Tanisha Boyd, White Hat Management / Life Skills Center