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What We Do

Since 2004, Teaching Our Youth has worked with leaders, educators and parents to help them understand themselves and others in order to develop better relationships with children and each other. By using the DISC Model of Human behavior as a foundation, Teaching Our Youth not only helps people understand personalities and temperaments, but provides application workshops in the area of: leadership, team building, teaching and learning styles, classroom management, and parenting. Understanding personalities is one thing, knowing how to adapt your style to reduce conflict, increase productivity and develop stronger relationships is key to meeting the social, emotional and academic needs. We can help!

How We Do It

Do you ever wonder why other people don’t think or act like you? The simple fact is everyone is not like you! We are each uniquely wired with our own personality and behavior traits. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just different. If we don’t understand ourselves and the fact that others are wired differently we will experience a level of unmet needs, hurt feelings, miscommunication, frustration and mediocre performance at best. Whether you are leading a team, teaching students or parenting, the understanding of the DISC Model of Human Behavior will be key to your success in working with people. Through full day training or a consecutive workshop series, Teaching Our Youth will take you on a journey of discovery to understand yourself and others: strengths, decision making, communication style and motives and drives that condition our behaviors. These fun, informative and interactive sessions will provide not only self-awareness but strategies for immediate application to get better results when working with others.

The DISC Model… Easy to understand, simple to apply.

Leading, inspiring and motivating a team to meet the social-emotional and academic needs of students requires a shift in the way we interact with students in our environment.

Stronger Teams Meeting Students' Needs





Shift Happens!

What will it take for shift to happen?

A framework that empowers us to become:

Aware - personality styles

Adapt - your interaction to meet social emotional needs

Apply - the right strategies

(Not a one size fits all approach)

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