About the Author

Karen Wagnon

Founder, Teaching Our Youth, Master Trainer, Author

As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Master Trainer through the Insights Institute in Atlanta, GA, Karen Wagnon founded Teaching Our Youth, a staff and professional development group, in 2004. She is a mother of 3 wonderful and challenging children and devoted wife to a loving, yet challenging husband as well. As a dynamic, passionate motivational speaker and trainer, she has a proven ability to create and provide informative and interactive workshops focusing on educational team building, classroom behavior-management, differentiated teaching/learning styles, and parenting. Her motivation and drive are to empower and equip educators and parents with the tools to improve communication, increase productivity, and reduce stress and conflict in our relationships. Karen’s energetic presentations, seminars, and workshops have assisted educators and parents in understanding the personalities of their children and apply this knowledge to teaching and building positive relationships in their professional and personal lives.

My Three And Me

A Journey In Parenting by Design

By clearly defining and explaining the four personality types in the DISC Model of Human Behavior, Karen Wagnon has developed a useful guide for parents and educators that will provide anyone who works with children the necessary tools to identify common traits and apply skills to achieve positive results when working with youth. Utilizing personal stories of raising her “three”, she will share life stories along with “Tips and Insights” as to how to adapt your parenting style to meet the motivational/emotional needs of your children. The Personal Growth Action Plan will provide an opportunity for parents to reflect on their interactions with their children and develop new ways to engage and interact in a way that will reduce conflict and develop more positive relationships.


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