Become a Certified Parenting Blueprint™️ Coach or Practitioner

and Help Parents Build Stronger, More Fulfilling Relationships by Parenting by Design!

Get ready to elevate your parent coaching skills with The Parenting Blueprint™ Certification.

Our curriculum and assessments are founded on understanding a child's personality and parenting styles.

This proven program is not just about helping parents raise their children. It's about helping you grow your business by becoming part of a parenting philosophy that is changing our industry. The Parenting Blueprint™
offers your clients the best possible tools and strategies for effective parenting. As a coach or practitioner, you have the opportunity to help parents to parent by design, not by default, and that's exactly what this program is all about.

Developed by Karen Wagnon, certified human behavior specialist in association with Personality Insights, this comprehensive self-paced curriculum and personality assessments are designed to give you everything you need to help your clients navigate the unique challenges of parenting.

The Parenting Blueprint™ personality assessments can provide valuable insights into each family member's unique needs, strengths, and communication styles. By using these assessments, parent coaches can better understand each family member and tailor their coaching strategies to be more effective. This can lead to improved communication, stronger relationships, and better outcomes for both the family and the coach's business. Ultimately, it allows parents to parent by design, not by default, which can lead to a happier and more harmonious family life.

The Parenting Blueprint™ self-paced curriculum can guide parents through a range of topics, including the Strengths, Struggles and Strategies of parenting different personality styles, setting boundaries, managing behavior, building strong relationships, and parenting on the same page when co-parenting.

Based on the latest research in child development and parenting, this groundbreaking program is designed to help coaches build stronger, more effective relationships with their clients. The Parenting Blueprint™
course and assessments are a valuable investment for parent coaches to use as curriculum for their clients. It provides evidence-based strategies and techniques, customizable content, engaging multimedia, ongoing support, and a comprehensive curriculum covering personality styles, communication, discipline, and self-care. Using this program can help you guide their clients to become more effective and confident parents, Regardless of whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, The Parenting Blueprint™ program provides everything you need to help families thrive.As a coach, you have the power to transform lives and impact families.


So, what are you waiting for? Join the growing community of coaches who are changing lives and growing their businesses with The Parenting Blueprint™.

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