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As a parent Coach, do you have a

“Powerful Transformational Course” ?

The Parenting Blueprint™ for Coaches is a plug-and-play course on understanding personalities that can set you apart as a parent coach in several ways:

Deep Understanding of Individual Differences:

Becoming "Aware" of personalities can help you and your parents easily find the "gap" in their individual differences. They will develop a deep understanding of each child's unique strengths, challenges, and needs. This knowledge can help you tailor your coaching approach to each family, which can be incredibly effective in achieving positive outcomes.

Effective Communication:

When you understand personality styles, you can help parents communicate more effectively with their children. "Adapting" their interactions and communication style to meet the internal emotional needs of their children will lead to less conflict, and better overall connection. Children will feel seen, heard, validated and understood,

Personalized Strategies:

Armed with a deep understanding of personality styles, you can help parents develop and "Apply" personalized strategies for each child that take into account their individual strengths and social emotional needs. This personalized approach can be more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach and can help children reach their full potential.

Increased Empathy:

Understanding personality styles can also help you develop greater empathy for the challenges and struggles that parents and children face. This empathy can help you connect with them on a deeper level and develop a stronger rapport with them, which can be invaluable in building trust and achieving positive outcomes.

The Parenting Blueprint™ course on understanding personalities can set you apart as a parent coach by helping your parents develop a deeper understanding of individual differences, communicate more effectively, and develop personalized strategies to "parent by design". These skills can help you achieve more positive outcomes for both parents and children, setting you apart as a skilled and effective coach.


Access to The Parenting Blueprint™ Course for 2 years

  • 6 Modules - The Parenting Blueprint™

  • Bonus Learning Styles

  • Library of pre-recorded Parenting Tips

Custom Landing Page Leading to The Parenting Blueprint™ Course for Your Clients to Enter the Training Portal

Personality Discovery Report Assessment Codes

  • 20 Concise adult and 20 Child or Teen Standard Assessments - Total 40 Codes Ability to re-order as needed

Access to the Interaction Guide link to create custom Interaction Guides for your families using their Discovery Reports.

90 Day Onboard Process to Include:

  • 6 - Weekly Onboard Zoom meetings for parent coaches to complete assessments and curriculum. You will learn the The Parenting Blueprint™ framework and how the course can be implimented in your business.

  • 2 - Bi weekly Zoom Office Hours for additional support to ensure successful use and application of The Parenting Blueprint™ Course and Assessments.

Ongoing Coaching available to build a successful Parenting Blueprint™ business.

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