You are gonna love this!
You have heard me talk about this before…
In order to Parent by Design, you must understand your design!
This foundational resource tool complements The Parenting Blueprint Program to Parent by Design…

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This DISCovery Pack will provide you personalized information specific to the personality styles of you and your child.

You will discover these hidden secrets...

  • Understanding your child behaviors (what are they really thinking)
  • ​Ways to communicate and encourage (based on their style)
  • ​Parenting tips on how to adapt your parenting in a way that keeps you out of the emotion
  • ​Connect with your child so they feel valued and understood by YOU!

This is like GOLD…
Hands down the best parenting resource you will ever have…
because it is personalized for you and your child!



Adult Profile Assessment

It is packed full of helpful and practical information to help you to understand yourself and how to adapt to relate better to others. It is perfect for business or personal use. You will learn about your

Interaction Guide

It will help you to understand yourself and your child by reviewing the highlights of each of your personality styles. It will identify the strengths of your relationship by looking at traits that tend to go well together. It will identify potential struggles in your relationship based on traits that tend to clash. Most importantly, it will provide specific strategies on how to adapt to one another to leverage your strengths and overcome potential struggles.

Child's Assessment

The Bots Discovery Report is our most comprehensive personality assessment product. This is the version for children ages 4-12. You will receive a 48-page computer-generated report (downloaded file) that is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. Pictures and stories make the process fun. There is a section in the report for the child, for the child’s parents, and for the child’s teachers.

Teen's Assessment

This special teen version of the Discovery Report personality test (assessment) is what we call our “Get Real” version. The report is divided into four sections – one section for the teen, one section for the teen’s parents, one section for the teen’s teachers, and one section with career-related vocational information. This career aspect of this report is great for teens trying to figure out their strengths and what kind of career to choose.

45-Minute Parenting Blueprint Discovery Session

We will look at the reports and put together the specific ways to adapt your interactions so you feel more confident as a parent.



Meredith Kennedy says:

I learned so much about my own personality features as well as my daughters. This program will work for any parent and child combination. Parenting By Design, with the coaching of Karen Wagnon, will get you and your child to a better, more meaningful relationship that will last beyond childhood!

Jessica Caravello says:

It is an invaluable tool for any parent wanting to enrich or strengthen their relationships with their children! Highly recommend! Karen was a great coach and resource.